NLP Related Books

Andreas, Connirae
Heart of the Mind (with Andreas, Steve)

Andreas, Steve
Heart of the Mind (with Andreas, Connirae)

Bandler, Richard
An Insider's Guide to Submodalities (with MacDonald, Will)
Frogs into Princes (with Grinder, John)
Patterns 1 (with Grinder, John)
Patterns 2 (with Grinder,John and DeLozier, Judith)
Persuasion Engineering (with La Valle, John)
Reframing (with Grinder, John)
Transformations (with Grinder, John)
Using Your Brain

DeLozier, Judith
Patterns 2 (with Grinder,John and Bandler, Richard)
Turtles All the Way Down (with Grinder, John)

Dilts, Robert
Tools of the Spirit (with McDonald, Robert)

Doidge, Norman
The Brain that Changes Itself

Gordon, David
Therapeutic Metaphors

Grinder, John
Frogs into Princes (with Bandler, Richard)
Patterns 1 (with Bandler, Richard)
Patterns 2 (with DeLozier, Judith and Bandler, Richard
Reframing (with Bandler, Richard
Transformations (with Bandler, Richard)
Turtles All the Way Down (with DeLozier, Judith)

Haley, Jay
Uncommon Therapy

Hall, Michael
The Spirit of NLP

Laborde, Genie Z
Influencing with Integrity

Lankton, Steve
Practical Magic

MacDonald, Robert
Tools of the Spirit (with Dilts, Robert)

O'Connor, Joseph
Introduction to NLP (with Seymour, John)
Principles of NLP (with Seymour, John)

O'Hanlon, Will
Shifting Contexts

Oka, Marvin
mBraining (with Soosalu, Grant)

Rosen, Sidney
My Voice will go with You

Seymour, John
Introduction to NLP (with O'Connor, Joseph)
Principles of NLP (with O'Connor, Joseph)

Soosalu, Grant
mBraining (with Oka, Marvin)