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NZANLP Professional Development Weekend 2019 @ Kawai Purapura Retreat Centre

Our intention this year is "An active NLP Community who is thriving, having fun learning and promoting NLP now!". Therefore, we have expanded our PD day into a PD weekend, to allow for a lot more connecting time for our community, for networking and fun, as well as the standard 6 hours of PD time.





Core Transformations (postponed until 2021)

Mark Andreas
Training to be finalised.

Member price: $ 338.00

Non-member price: $ 338.00






We hope you will join us for our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 17th June. Due to the pandemic, we will be holding it completely online this year - so easy for everyone! No travel. An opportunity to connect. Have a vote. Have a laugh.





NZANLP Professional Development Weekend 2019

Patricia Greenhough, David Gill, Kelly Samson, Mel Abbott
Professional development and annual general meeting.





NZANLP PD Day 30 June 2018 - Transmuting Anxiety & An Introduction to Havening

Lynn Timpany & Frances Lamb
“Anxiety, Time and Language” ~ Lynn Timpany
After twenty five years of assisting people to transmute anxiety I realise it’s easier than I had thought. There are some basic principles to enhance effectiveness as a guide to those wanting to overcome patterns of angst. Some important areas that will be covered include time orientation and the structuring of language as powerful tools of transformation.

Originally a microbiologist, I started a therapeutic practice based on NLP and Ericksonian hypnotherapy, back in 1993, after completing Trainers’ training. Over the past decade a lot of my thinking and experimentation with therapeutic process has been around resolving anxiety. Since the earthquakes here in Christchurch we have very many folk with issues in this area. I was already one of just a few therapists working with children and adolescents, so since then this work and personal research with the children of the earthquakes, as they become troubled youth, is a large part of my focus.
For more on one of the founding members of the NLP community in NZ check out Lynn’s website

Havening ~ Frances Lamb
In this session Frances will introduce Havening, a psycho-sensory therapy based on neuroscience and 10 years of research and experimentation. Havening is a set of protocols and methods that utilise touch to transform the electrochemical processing of memory in the brain. Havening is used to treat and heal anxiety which may take the form of panic attacks or phobias and traumas including PTSD and vicarious trauma. The Havening Techniques are also used to build resilience, access positive emotional states, accelerate goal achievement, and enhance overall wellbeing.
You will learn some Self Havening techniques that you can use with your clients.
Frances is trained in several modalities including NLP Master Practitioner and Life Coaching; she is currently NZ’s only certified Havening Techniques practitioner.
For more on Frances Lamb checkout her website

8.30 am Registration opens
8.50 am Welcome from our President
9.00 am Lynn Timpany “Anxiety, Time and Language”
10.30 am Morning Tea – provided
11.00 am Small Group activity
12.00 noon Lunch – provided
1.00 pm Frances Lamb Havening
3.00 pm Afternoon Tea – provided
3:15 Open Frame Panel – Presenters and NZANLP Leadership Team
3.30 pm AGM
4.30 Closing

Number of hours for PD log = 5.5 hours

Dietary Requirements – Please advise if you are Vegetarian, Vegan, can’t have dairy products, can’t have wheat products or any other requirements.

Name on Certificate Please email how you would like your First name and Surname spelt on your PD Certificate by 22 June 2018.

Medical details Please advise of any which we should be aware of in the event of an emergency e.g. diabetes, epilepsy, allergies - This information will be kept confidential.

Questions - email or call me on 027-484-7483

The NZANLP Leadership Team look forward to inspiration and learning from our presenters and more NLP Community time with members. See you there!

Gloria Henderson, President NZANLP