About Registration Board

Registration Board Role

The Registration Board supports the Management Committee with respect to the approval and maintenance of Professional Membership:

  • make recommendations to the Committee regarding Professional Membership applications
  • oversee the assessment of Professional Membership applications
  • support members progressing from Member category to Professional Membership
  • maintain a register of Approved Supervisors

Registration Board Members

The Board members are volunteers appointed by the Management Committee. Currently comprising the Chairperson and two members, all are experienced Master Practitioners or above who perform their roles with the full confidence of the Committee.

Please direct all Registration Board enquiries to our Administrator.

Paula Mitchell Photo

Paula Mitchell

Paula has worked in the human development arena since she experienced first-hand the profound and positive impacts of personal development. At a pivotal time in her 20's; she knew she had found her passion and new career pathway.

NLP became part of that journey. Beginning in 2002, Paula trained with Communications Plus to become a certified NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner, and became an INLPTA certified NLP Trainer in 2011. Joining the Communications Plus NLP Trainer team, she has trained and co-facilitated on numerous NLP certification programmes since then.

Paula is also an mBIT and Inner World coach.
Based in Auckland she works as a Coach, Trainer and Consultant in her People Dynamics business.

"I am very happy to be part of the NZANLP Registration Board. It's a way for me to give back to our NLP community, and to support NLP making a positive difference in the lives, homes and workplaces of many New Zealanders".

Jane Cullinane Photo

Jane Cullinane
Board Member

Jane completed her Practitioner Training in 2007 with Transformations (Dr Richard Bolstad) following with her Master Practitioner in 2011. She has been on the NZANLP Management Team for the last 7 years helping to support the growth of new practitioners and spread the word of NLP to the world.

Over the years, Jane has also trained in Reiki I, II and IIIa, Gestalt Therapy, Interactive Drawing Therapy, Colour Therapy, Modern Suggestive Hypnosis and in 2003 Life Coaching, running classes for Adult Education and corporates in Hamilton.

Jane is based in Tairua on the Coromandel Peninsular, and from time to time also works in Hamilton where she ran her practise for 9 years before moving. Her philosophy is treating the whole person, and Professional Development and further training are very important aspects of her practice.

Stephanie Photo

Stephanie Philp
Board Member

With a background in Human Resource Management, thinking and behaviour has always been of keen interest to Stephanie. Discovering NLP was like a dream come true and it’s been a passion and source of continual learning for her since 1994.

Stephanie is an internationally recognised NLP Master trainer who has been training NLP Practitioners and Master Practitioners since 2000, through her training and development business, MetaMorphosis Ltd. She is the author of five books, and several hundred articles.

Her newest venture — at stephaniephilp.com — is helping people to embody the wisdom of their life experiences and live creatively with meaning and purpose.

She is based in the small coastal community of Raglan where she divides her time between writing, coaching and training. She is a past President and Secretary of NZANLP as well as having served on the committee for a number of years.