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Being in business and doing it well takes many and varied skills. We need to keep an eye on the big picture of where it's all heading; keep a finger on the pulse of what's happening on the shop floor; and at the same time keep an ear to the ground to keep up with market trends. Ideally, you would become three people, one person for each role, but you are not. There is an easier, achievable way that comes by the name of NLP. NLP helps us develop flexibility between being aware and responding to the big picture at the same time as taking care of the details

Motivate your staff – and yourself

NLP offers models of understanding and working with motivation for yourself and others. With this learning, people in business can more effectively foster motivation in positive directions for themselves and their staff.

Customer and staff relationships

There are many facets to understanding how people work, which can be utilised with integrity and for positive (win-win) outcomes for all concerned. Building lasting business relationships and loyalty becomes easier when you know how to relate to people by matching their ways of thinking. NLP shows how to gather the information you need to understand more about how people process their experience. With this understanding you can get - and stay - in step with others. The result is improved customer relationships and the creation of a supportive environment that encourages your staff to give their best.

Putting the right person in the right job

Hiring or appointing the right person for the job is less complicated when you have information about how we all have our own specific ways of functioning. Some people are better at detail, some work with big pictures; some look for patterns, some look for differences. There are whole lists of these. When you know what job you want done and can select the person best suited to that job, life in business just got easier.

Helping your staff to communicate well

Some people in business will have a number of people under their management and there may be frequent rounds of miscommunications and misunderstandings between staff members. Knowing how to negotiate and find workable processes becomes manageable with NLP skills that respect all points of view at the same time as finding solutions.

Achieve a healthy work-life balance

Understanding how we respond to aspects of our environment and how to manage that, enables us to keep a healthy balance between private life and business. NLP teaches modelling – learning from people who perform well in their roles so that we can achieve and reproduce excellence in ours.

Ongoing support for people working with people

When people work with people, life is easier when there is support for the complex dynamics involved – handling the on-going challenges of being directly involved with other complex beings.

One of the valuable resources offered by approved Practitioners of our Association is Professional Supervision. Utilising this resource keeps your skills and abilities well honed.

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Therapeutic NLP

The therapeutic uses of NLP show us how to understand the individual ways in which we process our experience of the world. This understanding gives us the means to increase our range of functioning and our choices in life. If you want to know how to negotiate and manage the daily challenges of life, move on from past hurts, and get in step with others, you will find NLP worthy of your exploration.

Less pain for more gain

People are often pleasantly surprised to discover that in order to turn their lives around, it is not necessary to re-live old hurtful experiences. The reluctance to uncover old stories is sometimes a factor in people delaying getting the help they need to make significant and supportive shifts. The fact is that with NLP, you can achieve change without the practitioner needing to know any details about, for example, a phobia or a traumatic experience.

Communication made easy

NLP offers maps on how to more fully appreciate and comprehend another person's way of understanding the world, which then makes for clearer and more accurate communication. Although the spoken language is only a part of our communication, NLP teaches us how to use our words in powerful ways for positive purposes. It teaches us how to eliminate – or at least reduce – our habits of using words in ways that are not productive. Our words, as we use them to others - and the chatter inside our own heads - strongly influence our lives. Our words are part of our thinking process and our thinking dictates our emotions, our behaviour and ultimately, our health.

Awaken your senses

NLP teaches us how to awaken our senses, allowing us to learn about the world around us with astonishing richness.

Live your life your way

With NLP, anyone can learn to live a life of more choices. We can be who we really are rather than live to someone else's expectations. We can gain skills to stop that internal nagging voice; to move on from that disappointment; to decide a new way of behaving. - and then know how to achieve it.

NLP as a way of life – use it to enjoy the widest of horizons.

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