Our Vision:
An active NLP community that is thriving, having fun learning and promoting NLP, now!

NZANLP is a non-profit, professional organisation, formed in 1989 to foster communication and cooperation among our members, and to develop models of positive human functioning alongside the promotion of effective training in and the ethical use of Neuro Linguistic Programming.

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Associate (legacy)

This category is for those individuals who are interested in NLP or are students of NLP with no practitioner certification and wish to avail themselves of the benefits of belonging to our Association.

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Member (legacy)

This category of membership is for those who have achieved a minimum of certification as an NLP Practitioner and are progressing through training, en route to becoming a Professional Member, or do not require Professional Membership at this time.

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This membership level is for those individuals who are using NLP skills in their work (coaching, therapy, consulting, training, counselling, body work, business, etc), and who want to be recognised as practising NLP professionally.

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